Houston Japan Festival

Houston Japan Festival

The Houston Japan Festival is one of the largest Japanese festivals in the United States and it returns to Hermann Park this weekend for its twenty-third year. This cultural festival celebrates the deep rituals and traditions of Japan as well as new Japanese American traditions. There is so much to see, do and experience!


There is music and entertainment. There is nothing like the thunderous beat of Taiko or the classical sound of traditional Japanese folk singing that accompanies the elegance of Japanese dance in kimono. But there will also be opportunity to experience the modern sounds of J-Pop and J-Rock.


There is also Bunraku, one of three great forms of Japanese theater. Be sure to check out the traditional Japanese puppetry performed by the Bunraku Bay Puppet Theater.


Make a woodblock print or another participate in another traditional “taiken (体験)” activity, such as shodo, etegami, origami or hanga, available to all festival goers.


Practice your wrestling moves and jump into a sumo suit with a friend. See who’s the better wrestler! There are also many other wonderful games and children’s activities as well.


Be blown away at the Martial Arts Stage by the amazing acrobatics and skill of the many forms of Japanese martial arts including Kendo and Aikido.


Are you a fan of Anime and Cosplay? Be sure to take part in the festival’s gigantic Cosplay contest! Or if you are a fan of Japanese fashion, see exquisite, elegant Japanese kimono and yukata on stage and cute and modern Japanese lolita fashion and even Cosplay throughout the festival.


In the tea house located in the Japanese Garden amid the beautiful Ikebana flower arrangements take in the beauty and majesty of a traditional tea ceremony, with its many intricate steps.


Don’t forget the food! There is plenty of delicious Japanese Food and treats to delight, from delicious onigiri and pocky to hot Japanese curry.


For ticket pricing, parking and schedule details, visit http://www.houstonjapanfest.org/.

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