International Boat, Sport & Travel Show

The 61st Annual Houston International Boat, Sport & Travel Show (Houston Boat Show) opens this weekend, taking over the entire floor of NRG Center. This is the largest and longest running show of its kind, featuring over 1,000 powerboats, luxury cruisers, fishing boats and watercraft. For the person who loves boating, fishing and camping, this is the place to be.


In addition to all the shopping there is to do, come check out the regular attractions.


BASS TUB – This 5,000 gallon aquarium, standing nine feet tall and over 40 feet long, is filled with rocks, stumps and plants to recreate the natural habitat of the bass fish for the 30-40 fish that live in it. This aquarium gives guests a chance to see the fish in action during lure and casting and retrieval technique demonstrations. It is a sight for anyone to behold.


FISH-O-RAMA – One of the Houston Boat Show’s longest standing traditions, this is a great way to introduce anyone, especially kids, to North America river and lake native, the rainbow trout. Kids of all ages can catch a fish with an already-baited fishing pole, and take it home. Anglers are welcome to can keep or release their fish, with staff on-hand to bag it if you decide to take home. They’ll even keep your catch on ice if you’re not done at the expo.


BUBBLE RUNNERS – Another favorite at the Houston Boat Show, become a human hamster inside a giant inflatable ball. Once you crawl inside,  the ball is filled with air for you to run around on in the exhibit pool.


Whether you prefer speed out on the water with the wind in your hair, or paddling on a quiet lake at dusk, there is something for everyone at the Houston Boat Show.


For dates, ticket prices and details visit either of these websites:

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