Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival


More than 200 fine artists will showcase their works representing many mediums including clay pottery, digital art, drawings, fiber and glassworks, jewelry, leather tooling and metalworks as well as painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and wood carvings and constructions at the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. More than 15,000 guests attend the three-day festival. But fine art is not the only art represented here.


Artopoly is an area of the art festival designed for children to explore art through the eyes and wonder of a child. There will be  an interactive section, with lots of art supplies available for young minds to get creative, a giant mural to promote the Meals on Wheels program, artist demonstrations and portrait painting groups throughout the weekend. And the Early Inspiration Gallery, where artwork is available for young wallets, for them to purchase artwork for themselves for the first time.


There is also a juried Student Art section displayed at the festival, with prizes awarded and special presentation.

For the culinary artist, there is the Art of Food, where you will find a “foodie” stage where local chefs demonstrate their skills and promote their restaurants. The Art of Food Chef Demonstrations will take place in Town Green Park, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

For performing art, stop by each of the four stages – each has something a little different. The Palette Cafe Stage features bands and musicians from Texas and around the world. The Art & Culture stage is an opportunity for cultural groups to showcase their talents. The West End stage features the broad horizon of music from international rhythms and ancient instruments. The Watercolor Terrace stage features up and coming musicians, many of whom participate in RealLife RealMusic,  an organization that provides group and one-on-one mentoring opportunities for young musicians through Songwriters Experience Summer Camps and the Select Program.


Saturday evening, Waterway Square is ungated and free with additional activities including interactive drum circle stations. Make an evening of it by stopping by one of the many nearby Waterway restaurants to grab a quick meal, then enjoy listening to some great music!
Visit http://www.woodlandsartfestival.com/ for details and ticketing information.

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